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John M. December 12, 2011 --RECENT ISSUES--

Hey Word Pro!

There is a new version of Words With Friends available to both Android and iOS users. If you have any issues with this update, please keep reading:

Updating continuously/slowly
-Reboot your phone! Phones love a fresh start and the app will load for you upon restarting your device.

Login issues
-Check the email address that we have registered for you --

Forgot your password?
-Have a new one sent to you --

We are experiencing higher than normal volumes and are working to reply to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you in advance for your patience! 

John M. November 02, 2011 --RECENT ISSUES--

Updated - 11/8 @ 2PM PT

Bug - Corrected

If you are having a difficult time playing Hanging With Friends, since your screen may look like: 



This is an issue we are aware of and worked to correct in the 4.11 version. Please visit the App Store to update your application and to resolve this issue. 

John M. October 17, 2011 --RECENT ISSUES--

Good day word creator!

If you have any issues with the recent Hanging and Words With Friends updates on iOS, please review the current issues list below for more help. 

I am missing my old games

You may be missing your games, but don't worry -- we have them! This is commonly due to accidentally creating a new account instead of going into your "old" account.  If you recall your old account information, uninstall/reinstall the application and re-enter your original account information. If you do not recall your old account information, please contact us and a player advocate will assist you.


If the application is not  loading up all of the way or is shutting down unexpectedly, do the following:

  • Restart your phone by turning off the power and turning the power back on. Try the app again.
  • Remove the application from your device by holding the icon and clicking the X that appears. Restart your phone. Reinstall the application and try to open it again.
  • Contact us so a player advocate can assist you with the issue. Please advise us that you have performed these basic troubleshooting steps. If you have the info handy, also provide your device model (iPhone 3, 4s, iPod Touch, or iPad) and exact iOS version number (found in Settings>General>About).

Games list is black text on black background

No, we're not trying to test your eyes or "leave you in the dark." The background should be white so you can read the details on your Games list, but something went wrong there. We're on it, look for this to be fixed in a future version to be released soon. 

Missing Avatars / Animation / Balloons

Your avatars are safe with us! Something happened with the installation of the application and it should be reinstalled on your device. Remove the app, restart your phone, and reinstall the application again. Your avatars should appear now. If you have any additional issues, please contact us so a player advocate can assist you further. 

Chat text misaligned in bubble

The chat text may not be lining up correctly in the bubbles on some devices. We are working on correcting this for a future update to the application. 

John M. September 21, 2011 Announcements

Hanging With Friends Android FAQ



Getting the Game
Hanging With Friends is available on the Android Market and is compatible with all devices above Android OS 2.1 (except Honeycomb) and all resolutions above MDPI.

Creating an Account
You can create an account with your email address or sign in with your Facebook account. If you already have an account from Words With Friends, you will be able to use the same one on Hanging With Friends.

Starting a Game
You can tap the + sign at the top of the games list screen, or the 'Create Game' at the bottom. From there, you can create a game in one of the following ways:

  • Facebook Friends: Login to Facebook and play with your friends who also have the game linked to Facebook.
  • Random Opponent: We will find you an opponent automatically.
  • User Name: Play with a friend if you know their username.
  • Contact List: Choose a friend from your contact list. (Note: they have to register for the game with the email you have for them, or they have to add their phone number in Account Settings.)
  • Pass and Play: Hand off the game to a friend for a local game. (Note: Pass and Play games will never auto-resign, and you can't earn coins while playing them.)



Playing With iOS Players

Hanging With Friends Android works cross-platform with the iOS version of the game. Just create a game with them as you normally would, similar to how it works on Words With Friends Android.


Taking Your Turn
If you created the game, tap 'Play' and create a word you think your opponent will have a hard time guessing. Then tap 'Play' again to submit that word. That's it!

If your opponent created the game, there are two parts to your turn. The first part is guessing your opponent's word. Tap 'Play' and choose letters you think are in the word. You can use one lifeline during this part of the turn to help you solve the word. Once you’re finished, tap 'Play' to create a word to send back.

Taking Another Turn
Open the game and you'll have the option to watch a replay of their attempt to guess your word. You can also skip the replay and go directly to solving your opponent's mystery word. Try to guess the word before you strike out and lose a balloon! Once you're done with their word, don't forget to create a new mystery word to send back to your opponent.

Number of Guesses Allowed
The number of strikes you have to guess a word depends on how long the mystery word is. The longer the word, the fewer strikes you or your opponent will have to solve it. Keep that in mind when creating a new mystery word. The exact breakdown for strikes allowed is:

4 letter word = 8 strikes
5 letter word = 7 strikes
6 letter word = 6 strikes
7 letter word = 5 strikes
8 letter word = 4 strikes

Recalling Tiles
Tap 'Recall' to bring the tiles you currently have on your rack back into your tray.

Resigning From a Game
Tap 'Resign' to end the game. However, you can only resign when it is your turn.

We designed Hanging With Friends to be played at a flexible pace. Some opponents are faster than others, so we like to give everyone a fair chance to play. However, if your opponent does not make a move in a reasonable amount of time, the game will be automatically resigned. For random games, it's 5 days without a move. For all other games, it's 11 days.

Chatting With Your Opponent
Tap 'Chat' at the top right of the game screen to type a message to your opponent.

A Free Vowel
We always give you the last vowel in each new word you have to solve. If that vowel is used more than once in the word, we will display all instances in which it occurs. If you don’t see a vowel at the beginning of a move, it means your opponent has sent you a word that does not contain any vowels (the game does not count "Y" as a vowel).

What Words Are Valid
We require words to be a minimum of 4 letters. Beyond that, all words labeled as a part of the English language (including those listed of foreign origin, and as archaic, obsolete, colloquial, slang, etc.) are permitted with the exception of the following: proper nouns (words always capitalized), abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes standing alone, words requiring a hyphen or an apostrophe or derogatory words and racial slurs.

Lifelines help you when you're stuck solving a word. There are three different lifelines:

  1. Suspects: The Suspects lifeline reveals four letters, one of which is in the word. Guessing one of them incorrectly will result in a strike.
  2. Extinguish: The Extinguish lifeline will remove four incorrect tiles from your letter tray.
  3. Revive: The Revive lifeline will remove one strike.

You can use each one once per game for free. After that, you can spend coins to use them again in the same game. In this case, each use costs 20 coins.

Earning Points
Unlike Words With Friends, points don't affect whether you win or lose an individual game (only balloons do). However, they add a layer of depth to the game by giving you a chance to earn more opportunities to use lifelines. Points fill up your coin bar, and each time you fill it up you get more coins, allowing you to buy more lifelines for those hard to solve words.



What are the point values of the tiles?

1 pt = A, E, I, O, R, S, T

2 pt = D L, N, U

3 pt = G, H, Y

4 pt = B, C, F, M, P, W

5 pt = K, V

8 pt = X

10 pt = J, Q, Z

Bonus Spaces
There are bonus spaces and they are randomly placed on the rack each turn. They will increase the amount of points you get in a given turn. They stand for:

  • DL: Double Letter Score
  • TL: Triple Letter Score
  • DW: Double Word Score
  • TW: Triple Word Score

Coins are used to purchase additional lifelines. (FYI, the game does not award coins during the Pass and Play mode.)

Reviewing Words Played
Tap anywhere on the coin bar or vs. screen to drop down the history of words played in each game.

Winning a Game
Winning is simple – don't be the first person to lose all your balloons. That means you have to correctly guess your mystery word more often than your opponent.

Active Simultaneous Games
You can create up to 20 games simultaneously.

Changing Your Avatar
Tap 'Settings' on the main games list screen and then tap the ‘Characters’ button to select a different avatar.

Adjusting Sound/Music
You can adjust the volume for both by tapping 'Settings' on the games list screen and then 'Options.'

Tutorials walk you through the game when you first start playing. Once you have viewed the tutorial one time through it is automatically turned off. You can also turn it off by tapping the 'X' at the bottom right of a tutorial pop up or going into 'Settings' > 'Options' and switch them off there. To turn it back on, tap 'Settings' and then 'Options' and check the box next to 'Help Tutorial.’

Additional Help
Tap 'Settings' on the games list screen, then 'Help' and then 'Learn to Play' for a guide on playing the game.

The Store
It is not available yet, but in a future update to the game we will introduce our coin store where you can purchase new avatars, backgrounds and lifelines.

Deleting Completed Games
You can delete completed games by pressing down on the game and tapping the 'Delete' button that appears.

Changing Account Information
Tap 'Settings' on the games list, then 'Account,' change your details, such as username, email or phone number, and then tap 'Save and Close' at the bottom. FYI, adding your phone number allows your friends to start games with you via the Contact List option.

Adjusting Notifications
You can change the timing of when the app checks for new moves in the ‘Settings’ > ‘Options’ section.

About Our Dictionary
We use a modified version of the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon (ENABLE). We've added a few additional words since we started. Currently, there are more than 173,000 accepted words. Note: as part of the rules, we do not accept proper nouns (words where the first letter is always capitalized).



Recovering Your Email or Password

If you have access to the game, go into ‘Settings’ > ‘Help’ > 'Account Issues' where you can recover your email, password or set a password if you have a new device. If you can't access the game, you can perform one of these tasks here.



Password Reset Email Is Not Showing Up

Have you checked your junk mail folder? Sometimes our emails end up there. If you have and still don't have the email, you will need to submit a ticket here so we can manually reset it for you. You can do that here.



Stuck "Sending Move"

  1. First, ensure you have an active Internet connection. If you are playing on Wi-Fi, double check that the connection hasn't been severed.
  2. Try closing the app and reopening.
  3. If the problem persists, try force closing the app. To do this, go to your device's Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Hanging Free > Then tap "Force Stop.” Then reopen the app.


Occasionally, we have delays with our servers. If this is the case, we will be actively working to fix it at the time of the issue, so try playing the game again in an hour.



Logging Out of Your Account

To log out, you need to clear the app’s data. To do this, go to your device's Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Hanging Free > Then tap "Clear Data.” Then reopen the app and you’ll be able to login to yours or another account.



No Games After Logging Out/Reinstalling

If you cleared data or reinstalled and logged into your account but can't find any of your current games, it means you accidentally typed your login info incorrectly. You'll need to clear the app’s data again and login with the correct info. If necessary, you can recover your email, password or username here.



Reporting an Abusive Player

You can formally submit a complaint about an abusive player here. Please mark 'abuse' in the reason field.



Dealing With Other Bugs Not Mentioned Above

  1. Close the app and reopen it.
  2. Go to your device's Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Words Free > Then tap "Force Stop" and "Clear Data." Then reopen the app and log back into your account.
  3. If that doesn't work, repeat the applicable process above again, reboot your device, then open the app and try again.
  4. Finally, if you're still having problems, delete the app and reinstall it from the Android Market. Then open the app, log back in and try again.
  5. If all else fails, visit our help desk for additional support.



John M. September 14, 2011 3 Announcements

--Updated 9/15 at 8AM PT--

This issue is resolved and Android players should be able to play without any issue. You may need to reinstall the Words With Friends application if you're still encountering the "Network Connection" error message. 

Thank you for your patience with this issue!



If you're having difficulty playing your Words With Friends game or are seeing a "Network Connection Error" message, we're working to get service restored immediately. We appreciate you hanging in there with us while we get this resolved for you. 

We will post any updates here, so please feel free to bookmark this page. 


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